Statue of Liberty

Above, "Food will win the war WWI", yiddish poster, 1917

The Statue of Liberty is such an amazing symbol, that she deserves her own blog. I hope to share here many of the things I learn about the Statue of Liberty that I didn't quite realize or appreciate before. From a simple time line, to symbolism, and then inspiration, and more will be shared here.

I am so thankful for what she represents, and want to share my gratitude to any and all that have helped to make this country free and great. Some of my ancestors came here and saw her in the harbor like so many others. One was my my great great grandmother who came with her little sister, and my grandmother was only 10 at the time. Their mother couldn't afford passage for them all. She sent them in search of a better life and a chance at the American dream. Oh, what I would give to have some of that mentality and philosophy and just sheer thankfulness for good things.